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Welcome to York Yoga Corner

York Yoga Corner was founded by a team of enthusiasts who have been practicing yoga for many years to master the art. If you are seeking for means to achieve emotional, physical and mental harmony, we welcome you with open arms to our yoga sessions & workshops in Yangon, Myanmar.

Our yoga studio in Yangon, Myanmar is running with a sole purpose of spreading the practice of an ancient system of yoga, thereby promoting well-being, and a stress free lifestyle for a more balanced way of leading the life.

Our Classes

The Main Reasons to Practice Yoga

Harmonize the Body

Yoga is an authentic and ancient way of harmonizing the mind, body and soul so, lead a healthy life by becoming a yoga practitioner.

Yoga for Everybody

Unlike other physical activities like rigorous workout sessions, yoga can be easily incorporated in one’s life irrespective of their age, gender and physical condition.

Meditation Practice

Regular meditation practice is known to improve the mind, heart and body. Millions of people have realized the benefits of meditation in easing anxiety, stress and chronic pain.

Yoga for Real Energy

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Our Services

Ashtanga yoga classes

Asthanga yoga involves a series which are a set of sequence of asana, always performed in a defined order. It..

Vinyasa yoga classes

Vinyasa is a general term that defines many styles of yoga. It typically involves movements synchronized with breathing and is..

Hatha yoga classes

Hatha yoga is a category that involves most yoga styles. The system of Hatha yoga includes the practice of postures..

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