Zumba for Adults

Zumba is a modern innovative workout regime that clubs together some other dance forms like salsa, calypso and hip-hop. It is apt for people who are bored of routine workout sessions. Zumba is a total body workout but, with an element of fun. A zumba workout session involves a fun mix of high-intensity and low-intensity moves in an interval-style. The dance classes are more like a fitness party which you would never want to miss.

Zumba classes in Yangon are perfect for all those who are looking for a cool and yet super effective way of getting fit while relieving some mental stress. Apart from being a workout that involves each single element of fitness, the endless benefits of zumba include: muscle toning, cardio, flexibility, and enhanced energy.

No matter how old you are, our Zumba classes are open for everybody. Each class is conducted with the sole motive of bringing individuals together to dance it out and sweat it on in a fun and exciting way.