Ashtanga yoga classes

This style of yoga was popularized by Sri Pattabi Jois in the 20th century. He passed away in the year 2009 after setting up a yoga center in Mysore, India which is playing a great role in spreading this form of yoga across the world. Ashtanga Yoga is an orderly vinyasa-style form. Typically there are five Ashtanga asana series and as a student, one is required to master each pose of the first series before moving on to the second one.

Astanga yoga training comes with all the benefits that one would expect from a yoga class. These benefits include: flexibility, strength, stress management and inner peace. Now since the five series involved in this form of yoga are so demanding, as a learner, you’re expected to practice rigorously to get strong and achieve perfection in less time. Each and every part of an individual’s body is said to work really hard during ashtanga yoga training.

As a beginner, our experts providing ashtanga yoga services in Yangon, Myanmar will let you try some other asana sessions before you try your hands on an ashtanga practice.