Hatha yoga classes

Our Hatha yoga classes are an unmatched opportunity for people to learn practices acquired from traditional yogic forms that are still maintained in their full purity. Hatha yoga training will be organized and directed by some of the most skilled local and international practitioners.

Our Hatha yoga training services and programs are not merely focused on improving physical fitness and strength instead, these programs offer a comprehensive process of naturally attaining a certain level of control over the mind and body. This control is what lets an individual to reach the state of joy, bliss and peace. These training programs conducted by our expert instructors at our studio in Yangon, Myanmar are just perfect for the individuals who’re struggling hard to deal with the hectic pace and stress of today’s world.

    All the practices have been designed by our experts with a view to:

  • – developmental clarity and focus,
  • – improve vitality
  • – balance the disturbed hormone levels
  • – reverse the effects of ageing on the body
  • – bring a sense of zest and fulfillment