Vinyasa yoga classes

The literal meaning of the word “vinyasa” is ”to place in a certain way”. It is used as a mean to describe the linking of breath with movement which is a style that includes but, is not restricted to Power Yoga and Astanga Flow. Vinyasa yoga training classes involve a steady flow of movements with specific breathing techniques. This leads to continuous movements between poses. Establishing a connection between an individual’s awareness with his breath creates a form of moving meditation which helps in calming the mind and enhancing its focus.

This form of yoga also refers to a distinct sequence of poses that lead up to Downward-Facing Dog in a Surya Namaskar. During vinyasa yoga classes, this sequence is also performed in between various other poses. For instance, while moving from a warrior II pose to a Triangle pose, the instructor might tell you to move through a vinyasa after the warrior II pose and before landing in the Triangle pose.

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