Yoga for stress control

Stress and anxiety is much more common than we all think and people are continually looking for ways that can help them get rid of stress before it tends to take a toll on their health. A lot of studies have shown the proven benefits of yoga for people dealing with stress and depression. It may surprise many people to learn that many hospitals and nursing homes have included yoga classes as a part of their routine treatment schedule. Even educational institutes have recognized and accepted the benefits of yoga for students who find it difficult to cope with the stress with respect to their performance in academics and other co-curricular activities.

Whether you choose to sweat it out with a session of hot power yoga or use some props to relax through some general postures, savasana (corpse pose) at the end of the session is an ultimate relief for the mind, body and soul. Yoga not only relaxes the body but, it clears the mind as well. So, by the time you finish your yoga session, most of the worries and tensions you started your practice with, may dissolve by the completion of your session.

People have accepted that they have experienced yoga’s anxiety-relieving benefits just after the very first session. But people who practice yoga on a regular basis, are able to lead a more balanced and healthier life.

So, if you too are dealing with depression and anxiety, include some simple yoga postures and breathing exercises to deal with the accumulated stress.